Peke Moe - Unique, 100% organic cotton, New Zealand handmade baby sleeping bags / sleep sacks / swaddling bags / sleep suits 

specifically for babies that get out of their swaddle, unwrap, get cold hands, scratch at their face and have eczema and also a great blanket alternative. Excellent for swaddle houdinis, babies transitioning into sleeping bags, and an alternative to baby swaddling wraps, swaddle blankets, swaddle weaning, wrapping baby - this is for you!




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 Welcome to the 'home' of the Peke Moe™

(Peke Moe - maori for Sleeping/Sleep sack/bag)


We developed this very unique baby sleeping 'sack' from the concept  by a friend when my  6 month old was ‘addicted’ to being wrapped / swaddled up tightly for naps and night times. Of course he got more and more clever at ‘unwrapping’ himself, but would NOT go back to sleep by himself. Once I tried this on my boy,  he has slept so much better ever since!


The great thing about the Peke Moe™ is that your baby stays snug all night, the 100% organi cotton allows warmth but is ‘breathable’ for our babies precious skin and their hands don’t get as cold.  Babies have the ability to learn how to ‘self soothe’, by sucking on their hands (which are covered by the corners of the fabric) and they can develop the skills to sleep ‘unwrapped’! 


It can also prevent mozzie bites on babies skin as all (except head/face) is covered. 

This is also a great covering for babies with eczema, as it prevents them from scratching at themselves. A lovely soft ribbing neck is just pulled over the babies head, guide their hands into the top rounded corners and it is zipped at the bottom.


It has enough length that if you’re going out in the evening you can pop it on baby and pull up the centre, between babies legs, to enable them to be strapped into their carseat.  Some mums have also utilised the 'length' of the Peke Moe and tuck it in at the foot end of the cot to minimize movement around the cot by the baby.


Whether you are looking for a quality sleeping bag for your own baby, or looking for a gift for someone, the Peke Moe™ is a fantastic purchase, it is affordable, handmade with care in NZ and made of natural fabrics in order to promote the most comfortable sleeping environment for babies! 


The Peke Moe have also been blessed by our own Maori Kaumatua/Elder - the logo, design and also all babies who sleep in them in the future, which makes it a totally unique and special garment for your baby!



Some recent feedback -

"Hey there Gina, Just wanted to let you know - I got your parcel yesterday and washed it immediately. I tried 'A' in it today - for the first time in her wee life (8 months) she went to sleep, unswaddled and slept for an hour and a half for both of her naps! I have put her to sleep in it now and she is fast asleep - looking like a wee starfish! ... Read MoreFOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - UNSWADDLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!  This is a total break through - believe me - you don't know how long I have tried to get her to go to sleep and have proper naps unswaddled - tonight will be interesting indeed!  So far, so bloody good!!!!!Thanks Penelope". (from NZ)


"Hi Gina, Just wanted to let you know that our baby now falls asleep in the Peke Moe and stays asleep through to the morning! I don't know how it works so well as she can't sleep in sleeping bags. I'm just so happy we don't need the swaddle any longer as I was beginning to worry she would need to be swaddled into her childhood! Thank you!" from Catherine (UK)


The Peke Moe is perfect for babies that:

- unwrap themselves

- can get out of their swaddle but not self-soothe

-get cold hands due to the above activities!

- scratch at their face

-suffer eczema

-enjoy the comfort and security of being 

swaddled or wrapped when they sleep


Check out our Peke Moe™ babies page - 

the peke moe™ in action!



The Peke Moe is a PERFECT GIFT idea 

for your grandaughter, daughter, friend, neice, etc. It is a quality, affordable, practical, funky yet useful garment.  Check out some of the feedback we have received!


Our goal with the Peke Moe™ is to enable other parents/grandparents to have a  NZ made, affordable sleeping bag option that is effective  for our babies here in NZ and abroad! After seeing how well Tyde  settled into his Peke Moe™ and how he relaxes as soon as he  is put in it and 'knows' it's bed time, there was no way we couldn't make these available to others!


The reason we make these is that we  were so relieved to find a blanket/sleeping bag that really WORKED for our boy!  There is NOTHING better than a baby that is snug and cosy and therefore has the best chance of sleeping all night!




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Nicci, Sheryl & Gina


About Us:

The peke moe™ are designed, manufactured and marketed by  a mother / daughter team based in the lovely Ruakaka, Whangarei Northland. Sheryl is a mother to 3 adult daughters and grandmother to 5 grandsons! 

She has a long history of design and talent as an internationally known  Teddy Bear Artist - visit 'Bells Stuff'.

Sheryl is the 'creating'/manufacturing part of the team and business owner - designing/developing/adapting/manufacturing the Peke Moe™.

Gina is a mother to two boys Reef 8yrs old and Tyde 4 years old.  She is the 'marketing'/sales part of the team, creating logo's,  research/design, quality management, web design, postage/shipping and marketing the Peke Moe™







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